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About Serenity Joy

Hello my name is Serenity Joy, I am a 12 year old girl with Down Syndrome I LOVE PAINTING AND CRUISING THE CARIBBEAN  thanks to my father's help  I have developed a passion for acrylic painting called Pour Painting.


I live with my father since mom passed away and that has help to develop my skills in this style of painting with his help I started painting on December 25th 2022 and in just one month I have obtained many achievements I already have seven paintings after a month and they are 16 × 20 painted canvas with acrylics of various kinds and colors.


 I am very happy and PROUD of my achievements and hope all those who have supported me continue to do so.

 I also want to thank all my followers of my YouTube channel for the unconditional way in which they have supported me.

I must also thank those people who have bought Prints of my paintings and also want to invite you to follow me on YouTube Facebook or on my channel