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About Serenity Joy

Hello my name is Serenity Joy, I am a 12 year old girl with Down Syndrome I LOVE PAINTING AND CRUISING THE CARIBBEAN  thanks to my father's help  I have developed a passion for acrylic painting called Pour Painting.


I live with my father since mom passed away and that has help to develop my skills in this style of painting with his help I started painting on December 25th 2022 and in just one month I have obtained many achievements I already have seven paintings after a month and they are 16 × 20 painted canvas with acrylics of various kinds and colors.


 I am very happy and PROUD of my achievements and hope all those who have supported me continue to do so.

 I also want to thank all my followers of my YouTube channel for the unconditional way in which they have supported me.

I must also thank those people who have bought Prints of my paintings and also want to invite you to follow me on YouTube Facebook or on my channel

Germary # 7  February 4, 2023
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Serenity, I am so impressed with your artwork!  Your artwork is uniquely you! Very inspiring.

I am so proud of you.

I have subscribed to your channel and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Lake Hills School

909 S. Lakeshore Blvd 

Howey, FL 34737

Melissa Walker-Schmidt, ED.S.

Mental Health Liaison

Dear Serenity, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking through your artwork, posted online.  The harmony of the colors is very pleasing to the eye.  The depth, movement and the structure of each piece is just lovely.  It is clear that painting brings you happiness, for it is as if you paint with your soul.  And what a beautiful soul it is!


Lake Hills School

909 S. Lakeshore Blvd 

Howey, FL 34737

Mona Oliver

School Counselors

“I'm Harold Serenity Joy father and I very proud of her because I have found throughout the years that no task is too big for her I explain everything slow and she is able to do it right away” I was very surprised how seriously she took her painting in such a short time…

Harold Cardenas Tellez / Joy'S Father

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